{:en}STLC received a Mi-8AMT helicopter for delivery in Tuva


State transport leasing company (gtlk) received one Mi-8AMT helicopter with a medical module to be sent to the Republic of Tuva for the provision of emergency medical care, reported in “Russian Helicopters”.

Helicopters made in the transport version and has enhanced transmission. The Board is equipped with a multifunction satellite navigation system BMS, working with positioning systems like GPS and GLONASS.

In the framework of the development of aircraft STLC has already received 21 Mi-8AMT (13 in 2017 and 9 in 2018). Until the end of the year, the lessor will receive four more such aircraft, equipped with medical modules, for subsequent transmission to the airlines.

Recall that initially the development of the STLC aircraft ordered from the “Helicopters of Russia” on 29 boards (13 Mi-8AMT, 10 Mi-8MTV-1 and 6 “Anatov”) which have been transferred to the operators. In 2017, the lessor has contracted 12 light multipurpose “Anatov”, 13 Mi-8AMT and 6 Mi-8MTV-1 with deliveries in 2018 this year, the lessor intend to enter into another contract with vertoletostroenie for 24 machines of the family of Mi-8 and 7 easy “Anatov” to transfer them to operators in 2019-2020 in addition, it is anticipated that STLC will order another 15 Mi-8 and 4 “Ansat” with deliveries in 2019.