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medical evacuation

An emergency call for an air ambulance helicopter or an order for an aircraft to transport a patient can save their life. Air medical evacuation is the fastest way to transport a patient to the hospital.


Our Company provides medical aircraft for the evacuation of casualties and transfer of patients in your city; we arrange international trips to the required hospital. Please call us via our web-site or by telephone. The helicopter will take off immediately.


When is emergency evacuation by air ambulance necessary?

  • Injures, serious wounds, chemical and thermal burns, fractures.
  • Damage to vital organs or blood vessels, heavy bleeding.
  • Impaired consciousness, respiratory distress, cardiovascular impairment.
  • Anaphylactic shock.
  • Diabetes mellitus-induced hyperglycemia.
  • Intolerable physical pain of any nature.
  • Frostbite, electric shock.
  • Asthma attacks, epileptic seizures, pulmonary oedema.
  • Hypertensive crises.
  • Mental disorders that present a danger to others or the patient themselves.
  • Poisoning, peritonitis.
  • Labor, risk of
  • Stroke, myocardial infarction.
  • Acute hepatic and renal failure.

Medical aviation

Medical aviation provides emergency assistance not only to adult patients, but also to children. If a child is injured, an immediate response is required as the processes underway in their developing body are imperfect.

The circumstances in which a child requires an emergency medical aircraft to be dispatched are the following:

  • Comatose condition.
  • Epileptic seizure.
  • Collapse, state of shock.
  • Sudden cardiovascular impairment.
  • Diabetes mellitus-induced hyperglycemia.
  • Asthma attack, obstruction of all types.
  • Pulmonary oedema.
  • Body temperature higher than 40 degrees Celsius, infectious fever.
  • Dehydration, persistent vomiting.

Evacuation by air is not always for ill patients. It is sometimes required by pregnant women who have gone into labor or those who are confined to a wheelchair. An air ambulance is indispensable in the following cases:

– complications in pregnancy,

– sudden hemorrhaging,

– amniotic fluid embolism,

– preeclampsia,

– premature childbirth.


Do you require emergency assistance?

Just call a medical aircraft! Check our website for contact details!

Medical transportation of patients is sometimes scheduled. If a specific disease cannot be treated in the patient’s country of residence, then the patient will be taken abroad where there are advanced hospitals with the modern equipment and medical drugs available. Transportation by aircraft is often carried out for the purposes of:

  • organ and tissue transplantation,
  • cancer treatment,
  • ophthalmological, neurosurgical interventions,
  • bone-marrow transplantation,
  • treatment musculoskeletal system diseases,
  • cardiac surgery,
  • treatment of severe chronic diseases of any nature that cannot be carried out in the patient’s country of residence.

Private jets are sometimes chartered by the well-off, not in emergency situations, but to receive examinations and general healthcare in another city. Medical tourism also requires an individual approach and high-level service.

Who decides on a medical evacuation?

– rescue service members,

– the patient themselves at the scene of the emergency,

– relatives of the patient,

– attending medical doctor of the patient.

Transportation types

Air medical service provides various transportation options:

Dispatch of a medical helicopter to the location of the patient with further transportation to a hospital.

A scheduled charter of a private jet for transport for treatment in another city or abroad.

Order of a cargo aircraft to transport an ambulance.

Travel by regular airline flight (arrangement of a lie-flat seat in the general aircraft cabin).


Do you need one of the medical air transportation options?

AVIAV TM Company (Cofrance SARL) will provide you with an aircraft of specific type and arrange the overall journey for you.

  • There are no limits on flight destinations. We will carry out an emergency evacuation from anywhere in the world. Our helicopters can land on mountains, on the ground, on water, on yachts, on icy surfaces and snow and on the roof of a building. The medical aircraft are able to take any route to the required hospital anywhere in the world.
  • A medical aircraft is the best option when the transportation of reclined patients is required. Our aircraft and helicopters are equipped with their own modern intensive care equipment that can provide life support to a patient in critical condition, and, if necessary, allows in-flight surgery to be performed.
  • Besides the arrangement of a medical flight, AVIAV TM Company (Cofrance SARL) will arrange visas and insurance for a patient and accompanying persons when traveling abroad, provide a medical doctor with the required qualifications for a flight and, if necessary, will ensure a home visit or remote consultation with a specialist from another country. Reclined patients are transported by aircraft if there are no contraindications.


In which cases is a medical aircraft the only solution?

  1. If surface transport would be life-threatening to the patient.
  2. If the patient is in critical condition and every second counts.
  3. If the casualty is in the location that an ambulance cannot reach (or it will take a long time to reach).
  4. If the scale of the accident requires additional assistance from air transport.
  5. In case of emergency evacuation of any type including chemical, radiation, hydrodynamic accidents, etc.

Medical flight arrangement

Air transportation of patients worldwide is a leading sector of activity of AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL). Transport by medical aircraft or helicopter has some undeniable advantages:

  • maximum speed,
  • good coordination of the medical team
  • on-board environment comfortable to the patient,
  • strict confidentiality,
  • increased safety of the flights,
  • an individual schedule – independence of airline schedules,
  • ability to land at any airport worldwide,
  • provision of the medical doctor with a specific specialization, including a critical care physician, intensive care specialist, obstetrician-gynecologist, surgeon, or cardiologist,
  • modern medical equipment available on-board,
  • no delays at the airport,
  • positive attitude helping the patient to believe in their recovery.

The air medical service is an affordable modern service that can increase the patient’s chances of recovery.

Why should you choose AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL)?

  • It is a French company with over 10 years’ experience in the medical aviation sector.
  • It is available globally: we have offices in 117 countries and direct numbers for operative communication.
  • One-hundred-percent safety of the flights: AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) is a member of a number of prestige international organizations, including Wyvern Ltd., ARGUS International, and Avinode.
  • Modern ordering services: order a helicopter or emergency aircraft online and it will take off in a few minutes.
  • Favorable order terms: there are no extra charges for helicopters – the cost of the services of the air broker is based on medical bases.
  • It is possible to choose a specific aircraft model (for a scheduled flight): there is a medical aircraft base with tens of thousands of aircraft of various types.
  • Provision of a personal flight manager.
  • Bed to bed transportation of the critically ill patients.
  • 24-hour support hotline for all issues.
  • Direct cooperation with hospitals worldwide, possibility of emergency communication with any healthcare organization.

Call AVIAV TM (Cofrance SARL) and we will definitely help you!